St. Paul Book & Church Supply


St. Paul Book & Church Supply

St. Paul Bookstore & Church Supply is part of the non-profit, St. Paul Institute which seeks to present Christ to the local Church through the witness of its employees and volunteers, resources, and events. It is the only liturgically-minded Christian supply store in the Mid-South. It specializes in books, holy reminders, and media for its lay customers. The store also provides church goods and supplies such as churchwear, candles, and church appointments.
Web Design & Development

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We produced the beautifully designed website and through a collaborative effort, established the brands colors, and helped to defined consistency throughout the collateral. The website serves as an Ecommerce platform and through integration with the store’s current POS system, in-store and online inventory is tracked simultaneously.

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Frassati Designs

St. Paul Book & Church Supply, or better known in the Memphis Area as The St. Paul Institute is an amazing space that sells Catholic books, medals, Rosaries, and much more. It was a pleasure assisting The St. Paul Institute in establishing their online presence and setting up their ecommerce. They serve as an amazing resource for several institutes educating Catholics, and we were pleased to work with them!

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