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Spiritus Fitness

Spiritus Fitness specializes in fitness for 55+. We work with clients who range from being perfectly healthy to those having high needs. Their mission is to improve the physical health and spiritual well-being of our clients through physical exercise by improving both strength and mobility.
Web Design & Development
Logo Variation
Brand Identity & Strategy

What We Did

We produced the branding and style guide for Spiritus Fitness. Prior to working with us, Spiritus Fitness was using inconsistent approaches to produce its marketing collateral. Through a collaborative effort, the colors were selected to represent fitness, strength, wisdom, and the deep red as a symbol of the Blood of Christ. We helped to make the logo more versatile and updated the fonts to truly represent the brand and its values. We produced a beautiful website that was in alignment with the branding and was easy and functional to use for potential customers to learn more about Spiritus Fitness’ services. Additionally, we provided some basic SEO services to help customers find Spiritus Fitness easier.

A Message From

Frassati Designs

Spiritus Fitness is a remarkable company that serves to ensure that physical strength is ordered towards spiritual strength. In alignment with the bioethical approach, Spiritus Fitness does an excellent job that ensures people 55+ can have their physical strength ordered towards their psychological and spiritual health. We really enjoyed working with Spiritus Fitness and discovering more about how they are helping those in Pennsylvania and beyond remain fit.

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