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Girl Above

Girl Above is a 501(c)(3) organization that connects young women to wisdom, faith and confidence. They equip them to stand boldly for their convictions, put a voice to their values, and to leave their past in the past, knowing that they have hope for tomorrow. Through their videos, online courses, in-person events, they connect parents and girls to resources that guide through difficulties in life.
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Online Course Design & Development

What We Did

We produced the website for Girl Above. Through a collaborative effort in determining the best way to display how Girl Above can help through difficulties in life, we’ve designed and developed complex courses that act as toolkits for parents to help guide themselves and their children through complex situations in life such as anxiety, suicide, and depression.

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Frassati Designs

Girl Above is a remarkable non-profit that acts as a safe haven for girls and parents. Through all of the work that Girl Above is doing, they have encouraged countless people in the pursuit of happiness. We’ve enjoyed working with Girl Above to produce content, create courses, and provide consult in how to market the organization and it’s services.

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