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ECCO Medical

ECCO Medical specializes in arterial disease, prostate enlargement, uterine fibroids, game-changing liver cancer treatments, knee pain, and vein/leg issues. Their caring staff, leading-edge technology and safe, outpatient setting benefit every patient they serve.
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We worked with ECCO Medical and our digital marketing partners Get Found Fast to create a new website that was both more visually aesthetic, easy to navigate, and more interactive than their previous website. By utilizing the ECCO Medical Style Guide, we were able to transform the website to include more imagery, be more dynamic, and to increase the readability of the content.

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Frassati Designs

I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to work with ECCO Medical to create their stunning new website. ECCO Medical is the Rocky Mountain leader for Minimally Invasive Procedures for a multitude of conditions. As I designed the website, I was consistently in amazement as I learned more about each procedure offered. Take Liver Cancer for instance, ECCO’s team is able to treat Liver Cancer using the Y90 Radioembolization procedure (the only clinic in Colorado to do so). That specific procedure is able to cut off the blood supply of the tumor, all the while sending radioactive beads to the tumor to kill it. Incredible!

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