Dr. Matthew Ramage


Dr. Matthew Ramage

Dr. Ramage is a Professor of Theology at Benedictine College, an author on many of the foremost books of Catholic Theology, and an educator among many different Theology topics. He is a frequent guest on many podcasts, and provides educational content through his online resources, books, speaking, and teaching.
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Before working with Frassati Designs, Dr. Ramage’s website was difficult to navigate, and unorganized to read. We designed the website to put the blog at the forefront, allowing for Dr. Ramage to write content that is easy and simple for the readers enjoyment and education. Furthermore, it serves as a host for his books and where to purchase them.

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I had the pleasure of having Dr. Matthew Ramage for a course at Benedictine College, Old Testament Wisdom. It was a deep-dive into the Wisdom Literature from the Old Testament, and provided me with a much better understanding of the meaning behind the Wisdom Books, and it truly enhanced my faith. Through his books, teaching, speaking, and now his blog, Dr. Ramage provides as a sound resource for faith and to help interpret it. It was a great opportunity working with Dr. Ramage on this project, and being exposed to his deep understanding of Catholic Theology.

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